What is the punishment for robbery in Virginia?

Robbery Punishments in Virginia

Penalties of robbery in Virginia are very serious, and if you are found guilty, there is no way you can walk freely and without any charges or penalties. The Code of Virginia acts strict on robbery crime and shows no choice for the guilty person at all. Although, the Court does give a chance to prove your innocence and you can hire an attorney before your hearing in the Court and say anything in your defense you want to. The consequences are serious, harsh and absolutely unavoidable. F you are convicted with the robbery charge then this is going to stay with you for the rest of your life, and you will remain in the Police books. Other criminals can be expunged but this is exception and will stay for the remaining of your life. If you think you can walk away freely after completing your imprisonments then you are wrong. Living in a society with such charges and criminal record will not be an easy task.

Talking about the violence; a robbery is also considered a violent action which sometimes ends up taking the victim’s life. It is known as the crime of violence. The punishment for robbery in Virginia is separated into two different classes.

  1. Second Degree Robbery

Like felonies and misdemeanors, there are only two categories defining how severe penalties a person can face if he/she commit the robbery or armed robbery. Second Degree Robbery has less severe penalties compared to First Degree Robbery category; nothing different if we think about felonies and misdemeanors, as we go up, penalties, punishments, and sentences get more serious.

You will be given at least five years in the jail if you commit robbery without hurting or abusing the victim. This is unarmed robbery which falls under the Second Degree Robbery category. These five years can exceed up to 18 years in prison, depending on the facts and figures of the case and the evidence. The Judge will study the case and order the decision for how many years the guilty person is going to jail.

  1. First Degree Robbery

The highest and most serious category of punishments in the robbery. What’s the difference between Second and First Degree? Well, if you convict the crime of robbery using a weapon or any other firearm, or if you start threatening the victim with his life or more serious issues, you will be charged with the First Degree Robbery. The penalties are unavoidable and minimum sentencing under First Degree Robbery is ten years. It can exceed up to your whole life in prison.

Robbery is an ugly crime like any other, better to avoid it at any cost. Although, if you are convicted with a robbery charge then you can always consult an attorney for free and share your experience. The Court always allows you to prove yourself innocent if you are. So, seek a lawyer in your State and find the best-experienced lawyer according to your budget.

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