Virginia Divorce Laws

An expert Virginia divorce lawyer will fight to represent the person who has been served with divorce papers, or who are thinking about filing their divorce case. Read on to figure out how you can make a vibrant stride towards guaranteeing yourself by reaching a skillful family lawyer today.

  • Alternatives to Divorce Litigation
  • Same-Sex Divorce
  • Considerations of Children
  • High Asset Divorce
  • What to Expect During Divorce Proceedings
  • Post-Divorce Enforcement
  • Collaborative Divorces
  • Divorce Process
  • Filing for Divorce
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Divorce Agreement Modifications

Mentioned above are the divorce cases in which we deal mostly, or you can say these are the types of a divorce case in Virginia.

Divorce Process in Virginia

Divorce cases in Virginia are handled by the local Circuit Court. All gestures that are presented in the divorce case will be perceived there and, if necessary, the trial will take place in the Circuit Court as well. Before this step, however, some necessities must be met for the court to hear the case.

The following conditions constitute the grounds for a divorce in Virginia:

  • Abandonment by one spouse of the other.
  • One of the parties has been charged with a felony and was imprisoned for more than one year in jail, and cohabitation did not follow after this incarceration.
  • One year after one spouse has debilitated or threatened bodily harm to the other.
  • If both persons have lived separately for one year. Otherwise, this period may be reduced to six months if there are no kids born of either party and both persons come to a separation agreement.

A capable Virginia divorce lawyer can assist in starting absolute divorce procedures if one of these conditions has been met.

Issues in Finalizing Divorce

Before divorce takes its final shape and comes to life, there are a few steps which have to be decided by the court or the parties. This process includes property distribution, debts, child custody, provision for maintaining insurance policies, childrearing plans, and support payments. There are some cases in which both the parties decide everything before the divorce and doesn’t make it a big issue out of it but in some other cases, it becomes a tough job. Sometimes, the case goes towards the trial where the court has to decide things. It is also seen in some cases that the parties come to an agreement when the trial comes near.

Pre-Marital Agreements

One other issue to remember is the potential presence of a pre-marriage understanding. A pre-marriage agreement (otherwise called a prenuptial understanding) is an agreement that was executed before the marriage that may manage certain episodes concerning separate, for example, support and property division. People can talk with a Virginia separate from a legal advisor in regards to the part or nonattendance of a prenuptial understanding.

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