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Often, we hear that some couples, at the end of a relationship, pose the desire or the possibility of remaining friends. And raise the questions like:

  • Is this possible?
  • Would it be convenient?

For a relationship of friendship to be established, after a rupture, it is necessary that both parties wish it, be willing to work and cooperate to achieve it and, above all, that they have healed their wounds. Besides all these, they also need a family lawyer in Virginia. When this happens, both parties should ask themselves:

  • What it means, for me and my ex-partner, to be friends and why or for what we want to establish and maintain a friendship relationship?

Regarding the first point, it is necessary to clarify that, for each person, the term friendship may have a different meaning. We can find people who talk about friendship, when it refers to a relationship that is simply pleasant and where people see themselves only from time to time, while other people use this term, for a relationship where they share intimacy and affection deep and constant. In addition, between these two extremes, we can have different relationships, which occur at different intermediate points.

If one of the two or both have a new partner, it has to be very mature and with good self-esteem, so as not to feel threatened by their friendship and not try to boycott it. You need a family lawyer in Virginia to figure out how to solve other matters emerging from divorce, such as custody, visitation, and property distribution, smoothly.

If we want to establish a true friendship, we must bear in mind that it refers to a relationship of reciprocity, based on trust, sincerity, respect, empathy, and affection. The greater the degree of commitment, containment and shared information, the greater the degree of intimacy between both people and the better the quality of the relationship.

Although it is not impossible to maintain a good friendship with our former partner, it is more appropriate to consider, as a goal, maintaining a cordial and friendly relationship, especially if there are children involved. However, it is essential, first, to allow a reasonable time for both of us to heal our wounds. To help yourself achieve this objective, you need a family lawyer in Virginia.

As per the economic aspect, a divorce usually involves significant economic changes. Each of the members of the couple will have the expenses of the home, food, etc., in addition to the maintenance of the children. If the woman does not work, it will depend on what the husband gives her and possibly a salary that she has to learn to administer. And if the husband does not give enough to cover his expenses or if his salary is insufficient, the woman has to learn to deprive herself of many things, even some necessary. When the man covers all the expenses of the children and pension passes to the woman, his expenses increased considerably and he does not always have enough income to live in comfort. Children also face economic changes, which they do not always accept. However, when the couple has a friendly relationship, they can smoothly handle economic matters. For this purpose, you need a family lawyer in Virginia.

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