Cyberbullying Laws in Virginia

Cyber ​​harassment has its unique threat and effect on its electronic form. These issues include both short and longstanding issues and their domination of both issues.

In a short period of time, more and more people are more likely to face online harassment. This can be seen by people who can see visible messages and pictures that many people can see. In a longer run, the content over the Internet was constantly present (whether it was “dislodged or not”), so the dangers arising from the disruption of memory in the school are repeated over and over again. For example, the picture may have been re-image for a long time, even affecting the person’s future social connections and abilities. For example, this biography may also hurt the aggressive Hela to cyber harassment. For example, a future manager offers Hindi on-line for screening jobseekers and answers the past barbarities of bullies. There is a unique potential for darkness, similar to digital violence, for example using a bogus Internet-based life or other people’s profile. Cyber ​​dogs can be at risk for this, as a nasty, harmful person. Collaboration reduces the risk of a higher risk of school scandal than his or her digital partner.

How to punish force / cyber attack?

Virginia is harassing violent acts under the school approach, and now, and later, it rape the criminal court.

Harassment by computers

This is an offense class 1 offense and fined one year’s imprisonment for one year or $ 2,500 for two years. (J. Anne Code § 18.2-152..7: 1.)

Threats to life or death

A classmate is generally unlucky to assault and harm class 1 in a class. Moreover, it is the 6th lawful offense that murmurs or kills someone else or is at risk or is a relative of a single individual. Judges are required to consider six legal violations for judges (for example, $ 2,500, one year imprisonment or both) or a legal offense (not less than one or five years old) for the purposes of correction. (J. Anne Code § 18.2-60.)


Generally, the class 1 is an error in making a legal error to Section 6 to make mistakes in violation of the offense (and in other comparable terms) on the basis of a bidding request.

As you may have thought, punishments can be imposed at the cyberbully school and the criminal court.

Also, an angry harassment warden can make a general request for aggravation, social or financial damage due to an offense. In money abuse, the individual will be deprived of the damage. For example, a common court judge may request a cyber cafe to pay for the cost of treatment for an ordinary person’s anxiety